About Us

Environment North specialises in environmental planning and masterplanning, impact assessment, environmental management, and statutory environmental approvals (including EPBC Act and all state environmental approvals). Our reputation for high quality work and reliability in these fields has been maintained through the provision of practical and committed environmental service since 1990.

Specifically, we can draw on backgrounds in engineering, natural resource management, industry, and Government to:

  • work with or manage large multidisciplinary teams by building teams of specialists or augmenting existing teams,
  • contribute to project master planning resulting in high quality, practical solutions that comply with regulatory standards,
  • prepare and/or project manage the application for statutory approvals from concept design through to operation, and
  • prepare all post-approval documents such as Environmental Management Plans and Site Based Management Plans.

We work with clients, statutory planners, engineers, architects, and other professionals to develop solutions that meet often competing criteria. We are team-builders or team-players. Which role we take is up to the client and depends on existing arrangements and commitments.

Finally, we see that our main value is in addressing the fundamental question: “so what?”. When reporting on our work, we always strive to interpret our findings so that the client knows what they mean to the specific project and what action needs to be taken.