Capabilities: Participation in Design & Construct, Early Contractor Involvement and Alliance Teams

Our combined engineering, environmental planning, and environmental management expertise allows us to easily integrate into teams of designers, constructors and subcontractors tendering for and completing modern design and construct, early contractor involvement, and alliance contracts. We have significant experience working with local and multinational construction and engineering companies to deliver projects that meet or exceed client specifications whilst maintaining competitive costs. We are familiar with the constraints these types of contracts impose on the tendering and construction stages and can work with teams to address environmental matters during the "bid" or "bid and build" stages, depending on the tender outcomes of the bid. We can assist with:

  • identifying, allocating, and managing risks
  • identifying environmental opportunities and constraints
  • assisting design teams with incorporating mitigation measures from early stages of concept design through to detailed tenders (mitigation by design)
  • developing realistic statutory approval schedules and preparing "approvals ready" documentation
  • identifying of key stakeholders for consultation once the contract has been awarded
  • assisting construction teams with the development of environmental management plans that incorporate anticipated statutory requirements
  • preparing supporting information for statutory approvals
  • assisting with environmental matters during construction.

We have worked on contracts for the design and construction of road and port infrastructure in highly sensitive environments that carry significant environmental, social and commercial risk.  We have worked closely with designers and construction specialists for the following projects: