Townsville Inner Port Expansion, North Queensland

Seymour Whyte Smithbridge Joint Venture


Environment North was part of a competitive early contractor involvement (ECI) process where we worked with the Seymour Whyte Smithbridge Joint Venture (SWSJV) to develop a guaranteed maximum price tender for the redevelopment of Berth 10 and Berth 8 in the Port of Townsville for the Port of Townsville Limited (PoTL).

During the tender phase, we assisted the SWSJV in determining which statutory approvals were required and developing preliminary applications for these approvals (the tenderer was required to be "approvals ready"). We also worked with the designers and construction specialists on environmental aspects of many matters including piling, dredging, offshore disposal of clean dredge spoil, onshore disposal of contaminated sediments, and possible EPBC Act issues. Advice was also provided on associated matters including sustainability, risk management, and agency relations.

Following the awarding of the design and construct contract to the SWSJV, we then proceeded to complete the application for tidal works and responded to agency information requests. We then had an on-going role to provide environmental advice on the project as construction proceeded. This included inputs to the EMP (Construction), Dredge Management Plan, and various work method statements.

Innovation/Distinguishing Features

Part of contracting team in an ECI process (tender and post-award) involving establishing risk registers, assisting in environmental aspects of design, identifying need for and then obtaining statutory approvals, and assisting with the development of post-award environmental management procedures.