Blackfellows Creek Management Plan

Pregno Family Investments 


Subsequent to the approval of the Edmonton Business and Industry Park, Environment North was engaged by Pregno Family Investments to complete the Blackfellows Creek Management Plan which was required as a condition of the approval. This important creek flows through the EBIP site and is a declared Fish Habitat Area under the Fisheries Act 1994 (Qld).

The creek corridor has high biodiversity, fisheries, amenity, water quality, and recreational values and is an important asset to the development and the local community. However, it is severely degraded in sections and in need of a range of management actions.

The management plan takes a multidisciplinary approach to deal with identified management needs and incorporates:

  • a Tenure Strategy (providing solutions to the complex arrangements associated with riparian and metes and bound boundaries),
  • a Restoration Strategy (involving repair and enhancement of terrestrial biodiversity and fisheries values),
  • a Corridor Landscape Strategy (addressing scenic, recreation and interpretive values),
  • a Recreation Strategy (incorporating attention to active and passive recreation relevant to the EBIP and the broader community), and
  • a Water Quality Management Strategy (essential for the maintenance of ecological processes).

Innovation/Distinguishing Features

A multidisciplinary approach to corridor management that seeks to protect identified biophysical and amenity values whilst maximising the opportunities that the waterway provides for the development and the adjacent community.