Peninsula Developmental Road Action Plan and Link Study

Department of Transport and Main Roads



Environment North previously assisted the Department of Transport and Main Roads in the development of the Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR) Action Plan. This work involved creating a prioritisation strategy for the expenditure of the balance of the $260 million Cape York Region Package available following the expenditure on the $130 million Early Works Package. The ultimate aim of this work is the sealing of the PDR between Laura and the Rio Tinto lease boundary 26.6 km east of Weipa and improvements to drainage to reduce the duration of wet-weather closures.

It used a form of Multi-criteria Analysis (MCA) to prioritise upgrading works and this relies on being able to establish criteria and attributes (sub-criteria) that can be used to evaluate the relative benefits of upgrading one section or road in preference to others. Where possible, benefits are being measured quantitatively using a range of appropriate metrics, while in other cases assessment is based on professional subjective opinion.

Upgrading the PDR has a number of challenges, including:

  • obtaining and managing a suitable road reserve that suits both short and long term needs
  • accessing road-building resources (embankment fill, pavement material, water, screenings and aggregate) for capital works and maintenance
  • funding and delivery constraints. 

The Action Plan was designed to inform the 2017/18 Link Study. For this work, Environment North joined a team lead by AECOM and provided specialist advice on road-building resources and environmental planning issues. This involved leading a small ecological and cultural heritage team and undertaking substantial planning and data analysis.

Innovation/Distinguishing Features

A complex project that requires balancing various competing demands for resources in order to provide an efficient road transport network to remote communities.