Townsville Southern Access Corridor, Vantassel - Cluden

GHD (on behalf of Department of Transport and Main Roads)


Environment North was appointed as Environment Team Leader to assist the GHD/FCG collaboration with environmental tasks during the planning and detailed design phases of the upgrade of the Bruce Highway from Vantassel St to Cluden in Townsville's Southern Access Corridor. This involved:

  • mentoring of other Environment Team members,
  • analysis of information collected during the Concept phase to identify information gaps to be addressed during the Planning phase,
  • development of a constraints analysis to guide the preliminary and then detailed design,
  • completion of a risk assessment for incident management (spill containment),
  • preparation of a comprehensive Environmental Approval Report (combined REF (Planning) and EMP (Planning)) and associated Design Checklist (Environment) to finalise the impact assessment phase and provide environmental advice to the design team for attention during detailed design,
  • preparation of an Environmental Design Report to accompany the detailed design submission, and
  • preparation of advice regarding statutory approvals, implications for the project (includes negotiating conditions).

Environment North also liaised with TMR to ensure that recommendations made during the planning and preliminary design phases were acceptable and practical and could be implemented across the project.

Innovation/Distinguishing Features

Augmenting the skills of a large engineering/consulting company to provide value for money solutions for the environmental design and management of road infrastructure projects.

Development of a robust reporting structure to incorporate recommendations for design, construction, and operation utilising a checklist approach (applicable to planning and detailed design phases).